The Champ's Corner

Anonymous asked: Maybe you look like a bug because they tried aborting you?

Catch me hanging with all the ladybugs, you cock(roach) sucker.

Anonymous asked: Must be nice to have your parents pay for you to tour around the world.

*the beginning of Edge’s entrance music starts playing*

Anonymous asked: you're quite the supreme gentleman

Yea, I’m a sexist serial killer.

Anonymous asked: Why does everyone seem to have beef with you? You're the shit.

I’ve been leaving upper deckers in every venue, house, and gas station in North America.

Anonymous asked: Matt I know you joke about champ stuff but you also always have hot chicks around despite being straight edge. How do you do it?

Tell them you want a bald fade on the sides and a little longer on top so you can comb it over and slick it back.

Anonymous asked: Why would you (a cis white male) reblog a gif set about the oppression of Japanese Americans

Cause I’m white power.

Anonymous asked: On a scale from one to ten how straight edge are you?

I refuse to watch Drunk History.